my most galaxybrained small thing:huge effect opinion is that the Wikipedia Vector skin was a catastrophe for digital culture. Wikipedia, always an encyclopedia first and wiki second, introduced and innoculated a generation of people to wikis in a way that completely de-emphasized all the radical parts of wikis to appear like an encyclopedia. NO ONE KNOWS about "what links here," "wanted pages," or talk pages. so both the graph structure and dialogic reality of wikis is LOST. !/

I've been editing Wikipedia since over a decade and I don't know what you're talking about :(. I don't even know what a vector skin is..
Don't worry, I don't need you to explain, I could easily search the web if I wanted to. I'm just saying that even relatively experienced wikipedians don't know about whatever awesome things you're describing. Quite sad.


it's the default way Wikipedia looks ❤️❤️ (now with Minerva as the mobile skin). idk if they have any other ones enabled, but on most mediawiki instances you can go to your user settings and select a skin. see tweeki as another example of a different era of web design (not exactly the best) applied to mediawiki

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