on this, the day of Spotify wrapped, I carry a hopeful vision that if we were not dependent on ad-driven platforms, owned our own data, and paid artists directly we could build our own cool algorithmic tools to understand and explore our relationships with art and each other

I think it's genuinely cool, I love seeing people react to something as personal and emotional as the music they listen to. I just think it's a shame that we only get to see aggregation of our personal data as a treat from surveillance companies instead of, uh, digital culture

@jonny Are you aware of ListenBrainz? Or are you thinking of something different that doesn't exist yet?

@be this is cool! talking about pattern of assumed roles relative to platform capitalists. trying to make a dandelion wish for hope, and leavin a lil flash-nonfic fantasy of a free internet around in case anyone needed it!!!

@jonny this has existed for so much longer than spotify

well ya it's internet liberation day every day, but yesterday was Spotify day ;)

@jonny i mean that tools to understand your relationship with art have existed for so much longer than spotify, they are just the capital-intensive manifestation of that old idea currently

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