I'm not like naive to the credential power or the like instrumentalism of the dichotomy but I personally am all set with being called a user I use shit all day long lmao

i'm a dev,
(bug producer),
i'm a peer,
i'm a user

also a language gesturalist so not in a "there is an ontology of roles like dnd classes" kinda way, more in a "sometimes ppl do not want to identify the personal context of the screwdriver and that's ok too" kinda way

this sentence is weird to me though n what got me thinking. since the designer is the other side of the dichotomy, unless every "user" is permeably a "designer," isn't a discrete designer role distinct from "people" literally the same thing

not trying to make a strawperson, probably missing some history or theory as per usual.


i am also pro normalize treating tools like enchanted objects sometimes that you have superstitions and emotions about, whatever role that is

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