Hi !!! @SocialCoop erators. I'm a housing cooperative liver and I'm looking to think aloud about bringing some of our governance more "into the living room." What's the best way to do instance-wide communication? Stratified communication is useful, but the Loomio feels very far away and very formal. In our consensus model we try and have iterative discussions at different levels of formality, and that seems useful here. Am new! just learning!

@SocialCoop I am still very new to learning about how Masto works. I understand that groups per se are not implemented, but is our instance an independent fork such that we could experiment with different functionality? For example, we have a few basic item types at our meetings, discussions, proposals, etc. and eg. I'm imagining being able to propose a /proposal from masto and with a certain # of seconds/co-signers it's added to the next meeting agenda?

@SocialCoop is there some way to have some 'sticky subscription' where eg. the next meeting agenda is pinned to the top of the local federation feed so that it's more an object of continual consideration and memory? I am v much not "everything should be on Masto" but is there some way of better integrating them in practice if not code? Eg. auto-reposting threads from the Loomio onto some instance-wide account? just trying to think aloud about how digital coops work coming from an analogue one <3

@SocialCoop also a bigtime "domestic anarchist" in the sense of building systems of governance into the everyday function of a community to dissolve the notion of a 'leader class' that seems to emerge in coops and nonprofits. "who does the dishes after the revolution" kinda thing. so still feeling out the socio-political orientation of the instance and should be read accordingly. -in cooperation <3

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