So I don't know the full range of crypto grifts, can anyone tell me why a bitcoin wallet associated with a nonprofit that always reports <$50k annual revenue has been a 1:1 passthrough for $4.5 million in (80) BTC? /! !/

@jonny because bitcoin is for crime? is this a trick question?

yes but what kind of crime is this, just money laundering? like why would they use their publicly linked wallet for it

@jonny i dunno, but my educated guess is that they don't understand bitcoin is traceable like this, because hoooo wow that is a common misconception

@jonny anyways if you felt up for it like, if this is an entity of public reknown, maybe report it somewhere. could be a cool thing for an investigative journalist to dig into. that's big deal money.

ya good idea I'll run it by a couple ppl who might know

@jonny i'm curious what the nonprofit is, who's behind it. might turn up clues

@jonny oh man, there is some sketchy-ass shit in the cryonics field!!!

completely polluting my browser history trying to find this article i read once

@jonny when you said "nonprofit" i was thinking, like, idk, devoted to a disease, or organic farming, or a housing provider, or some other charitable type thing, lmao

but this is EXACTLY the crowd who would be involved in money laundering via bitcoin.

off the top of my head i recognize a few figures in/adjacent to the logic-cult Bay Area "rationalist" scene, sort of a mashup of the alt-right "intellectual dark web" with 60's-style free love types. always a good sign

some possible tangents

@jonny update: maybe nothing after all. the price fluctuations mean that first transaction (166 BTC) was only worth $90K at the time

and for 2017, the one year there's a publicly available form for, the transactions at the time only added up to $2,837.79

so, probably just an effect of not adjusting for the value at the time

ok phew should have thought of that, always forget the magnitude of that price boom

@jonny the 80btc txn was in 2014, BTC was around $300 then so that was around $25k.

ok phew false alarm, just a shady cryonics scam not money laundering lol

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