ok mastodon, is there a notion of "rooms" here? keyword, namespace, or invite only standing group conversations? or can someone give me an idea of how that would work in AP? would like to start feeling out places to contribute❤️

No such thing implemented in Masto. There are a few other ideas circulating. Nothing compelling yet, but see the group I tag below

I think there's a lot of canvas there too experiment with. And for gaming applications, I have an entire draft of actor extensions, somewhere, that I should probably dig up. There have been discussions about the differences between groups and organizations, both here and on Discourse. I'll link you if you don't have that already

@jonny There's no first-class implementation of groups or rooms in Mastodon, but there's hacks like - although that one isn't loading for me right now.

There's also hashtags (imo, inadequate for this use case), which can be pinned in the Mastodon web interface, but doesn't assist with federating posts in any way.

@jonny I think almost all there is to be said about groups on mastodon is said here:

It's the kind of issue that's been open and discussed for so long it's hard to even get started :ablobgrimace:

oo I love history thank you :) theres always a conversation that's happened long ago that those in the know know, lovely to find it ❤️

@jonny There's a few bouncers like
@ ttrpg @ (unspaced)
And as noted in that group's bio, you can make a new one by just tagging it, you see the posts by following it. So I usually mark RPG posts with
# ttrpg # rpg @ ttrpg @ (unspaced)

@jonny Something's wrong with guppe right now.

Otherwise, just hashtag all things you talk about, and hopefully others will search those same hashtags. You can pin a search in its own column if you use it all the time.

@jonny No.

Guppe is the closest thing to a conference, though it's all public.

DMs with long member lists will go to everyone named. That's kludgey, but about the closest to a private list you'll find on the Fediverse presently.

If you want to get a room, you'll need to use a service offering that. Email lists, group forums, and the like.

(You should know the commercial offerings. I can't say I know any FS/federated options offhand.)


Guppe has been down.

As I mentioned to @jonny , I have been experimenting with the group service created by @piggo - see @organizingInFedi or

Works something like Guppe, but has more capabilities, listed on that page.

Not private, not the same as a room.

How do you think a room might work in fedi? What could the UI/UX be like? is working on some features that might help, like

Depends on which part of the fediverse:
mastodon ≠ fediverse...
diaspora has 'aspects'
hubzilla has much more extensive control of audience of your content via profiles, channels, permissions for each contact.

yes! new here and still getting the hang of the different clients (is that the name?) and how they interact. thanks :)

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