Hello plz 2 make my , I'm jonny, @json_dirs on tw*tter, and I'm a neuroscientist, digital infrastructuralist, n writing about decentralized infra for science ❤️ looking for a community interested in a healthy internet, and a place to cut my teeth on masto/AP to see what it can do ❤️❤️❤️

I don't know how to find ppl on here and am still getting used to the interface!!! lmk who is around here :)

@jonny Finding people on the fediverse is a bit of an organic process. Unless you have a list of contacts already be prepared for it to take a little while to find people. :)

I think there is a list/service somebody is maintaining where people can volunteer to be listed under various topics. I'm trying to dig up the URL if you would find that helpful.

Also, welcome aboard!

ty for the tip, will wander about :) if there's a list handy I wouldn't mind it but don't go out of your way ❤️

@jonny hello jonny nice to meet you! :3 welcome to fedi
a place to start might be #ff if youre looking for new friends :)

@jonny I usually check the follows list of people whose tooting I like to get some ideas on who to follow.


For anything #ActivityPub related I would like to point you to the #SocialHub community, where we build the #Fediverse

(I know, that is an unfederated Discourse forum, but a #Discourse integrator is planning to build AP federation support starting next year)

You can also follow the @activitypub #guppe group, and consult our watchlists at:

@jonny Re. decentralized infra for science, we have a prototype that combines SKOS vocabs with Linked Data Notifications/ActivityPub, see / @skohub . And I know of an interesting project at UGent: @hochstenbach will talk about it at #swib21 on 2021-11-29, See the programme at

There is also an account for SWIB at @swib .

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