I’ve set up my own instance and am moving to @brian

@edsu (And, sorry, I suspect that this might be a silly question given the nature of the technology, but I don’t even know enough to know whether or not that doubt is warranted…)

@edsu I am very curious about Beaker but don’t have a sense of how to find Beaker sites “in the wild” in order to get a sense of what people are doing with it. Is there a community or directory or similar you can recommend so I can see examples of use?

Hey folks, I made a videogame! It's a super chill first person game where you spend some time in a nice space and play to enjoy the view.

I hope you'll like it jacopocolo.itch.io/one-hour-in

Happy with the way my island animations from the other day worked out. Will probably work it into an autoposting bot at some point. islands-division.glitch.me/

These “slow trailers” for The Gardens Between are nice idea for promotional films with real aesthetic value in themselves tinaja.computer/2018/09/24/slo

Rainy Belgian Sunday morning coding generative animations of island mirages and listening to good ambient drones.


Nice reverb-y ambient guitar arrangements from a Bridgetown Records cassette release from last year.

Good for reading the Canvas API docs before bed.


Getting reacquainted with the verse melodies in preparation for auditioning new bedtime songs.


Flashbacks to an earlier life listening to this version of “Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah“


social.coop meta 

@cocoron Oh, absolutely. I didn’t mean to give a different impression. I think the vibe from the people I follow over on your place may be more suitable for me anyways (why I already have a handle). I’m actually encouraged that it wouldn’t be a simple replacement.

Thanks for the explanation. Sorry the intention behind my questions wasn’t more clear.

@h Thanks for the letter. I’m sorry it didn’t end more positively for you, but I appreciate your making the effort when I did not.

social.coop meta 

@h Have you had a more positive experience of governance issues at sunbeam.city or are you keeping a lower profile this time?

I have been a distracted bystander with the social.coop stuff, so feel a bit silly considering moving having not had time or energy to pitch in here, but have had a dormant sunbeam.city handle for a while…

Hi there 👋 I'm a bot 🤖 that automatically sends links from people I follow to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

If you want me to follow you, follow me and I'll follow back. (You can unfollow my again afterwards). To get me to unfollow, simply block and (optionally) unblock me.

I'm maintained by @malexmave, if you have any questions. Have fun :)

@redoak Tell me more about where I can find ‘old NASA tapes’

Enjoying this upcoming North Americans record. Quiet ambient guitar (and whistling). youtu.be/aF1prRX96J8

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