Happy with the way my island animations from the other day worked out. Will probably work it into an autoposting bot at some point. islands-division.glitch.me/

Rainy Belgian Sunday morning coding generative animations of island mirages and listening to good ambient drones.


Nice reverb-y ambient guitar arrangements from a Bridgetown Records cassette release from last year.

Good for reading the Canvas API docs before bed.


Getting reacquainted with the verse melodies in preparation for auditioning new bedtime songs.


Flashbacks to an earlier life listening to this version of “Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah“


Really lovely photos of the Tashkent subway, first built in the 1960s when Tashkent hit the 1 million population threshold required for a Soviet city to start a metro system.

rferl.org/a/uzbekistan-s-secre social.coop/media/8UjJuZ02e0Yl

Wearing my R. Crumb-ish ”Mushrooms are people too!" t-shirt I got at the farmer’s market in Corvallis last week. corvidopolis.com social.coop/media/gcBM6XeMnVoK


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