Thinking of a dashboard-style interface to facilitate keeping up with the local timeline on several instances at once. Is that interesting?

@jonesbp It could be helpful for admins and moderators, or for people who have many accounts, separated by topic of interest.
It probably wouldn't be popular among the majority of users, but it would be useful for many power users. The bar for quality in this case is higher though, especially regarding security, because admins and operators obviously have a number of responsibilities that regular users don't.

@h I was thinking more about the use case of lurking on several timelines as a reader. Hadn’t thought of the admin/moderator use case, but you’re right. Thanks for the feedback.


I've been wondering about this: is it possible to follow different instances through the same account? Or are you thinking of a dashboard where you can view different local timelines of different instances through various accounts?

@emi I haven’t researched it, but my understanding is that the only way to do this right now is to have accounts on all of these instances. So this viewer would be a way to stay abreast of the local timeline on accounts that you weren’t using as your primary daily posting account. A way to have a general purpose posting account while still being aware of goings-on on more specific communities of interest.

@jonesbp I would very much be interested in this! It would certainly incentivize me to set up accounts in instances that I've been wanting to join but haven't figured out how to stay abreast with!

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