New idea - a website that collects links to all ongoing fundraising campaigns of striking workers.

It would be a owned by those who make a recurring monthly donation, that would be distributed equally between all active fundraising campaigns that month.


Here is an image to illustrate what it could look like.

@LeoSammallahti @GuerillaOntologist and presumably, the tech staff would also be unioniized! Maybe Working Systems Co-op would be interested?

@johnnymac @GuerillaOntologist

I think the staff would consist of a single person (probably me) maintaining and updating the site pro-bono.

Have got some programmers who are happy to build the site pro-bono.

Of course, if someone figures out a business model so this can employ people that would be great!

@LeoSammallahti @johnnymac I like the spirit, but the problem w/ pro-bono is that as soon as u go away, the site goes away. It's an alright way to start, perhaps, but moving to a paid-labor model is important for making whatever is created robust, imho.

Having a single point of failure, who's a volunteer, is not a good base to try to build something we want to last a long time. At least if there's a budget for maintainers it will be easier to have someone else cover if you ever can't continue.

@GuerillaOntologist @johnnymac

I suppose we could have an option to donate to the site directly if people want to compensate for the effort required to maintain the site, but that would probably be like 10 - 30 minutes a month. And maybe that money would be wiser used to support the strikers instead.

My thinking here is that if we can find people willing to pay for someone to maintain the site, we can probably find people who are willing to maintain the site voluntarily.


@LeoSammallahti @GuerillaOntologist I agree with Josh's points and would add the problem with donated labor is that it diminishes the value of labor overall. I recognize that there are times (such as legal help) which challenging the power structure requires specific expertise (and this labor can be captured by charging higher rates overall), but tech isn't one of them. Unions pay their staff (who will be distributing these funds).

@johnnymac @GuerillaOntologist

Not sure what sort of paid tech work would be needed once the site has been built.

After that, would see it as pretty similar to maintaining a Facebook page or a Twitter account, as the only thing required would be to add campaigns to the site, which should be pretty easy.

But again, not disagreeing with you - just not sure whether there is a business model here that would allow the project to provide paid employment to anyone, although that might be ideal.

@LeoSammallahti @johnnymac
It sounds, then, like the kind of thing that the unions or union co-op folks could easily have their already salaried staffers manage, and maybe your role just needs to be pitching the idea to them and providing a working prototype.

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