I'm so glad @johnnymac wrote this article on why we DON'T need a version of Uber/Lyft! I've been pushing back on the idea for years, so I'm glad to find I'm not the only one.


@GuerillaOntologist @johnnymac

I think that anyone who refers to User/Lyft as ridesharing (quote above the article"[Editor's note: for further information about the ridesharing business model of Uber and Lyft ..." is being intellectually lazy or dishonest.

The main article refers to them correctly as taxicabs.


@yojimbo @GuerillaOntologist It was the fiction of "ride sharing" that allowed them to ignore city ordinances in many communities by claiming that they weren't cabs. Madison did stand up to them, but then the legislature (with Democratic support) changed the law and gutted local control. Sadly (and an insult to injury) one of the lead Dems to do this was the son of the key lobbyist for the transportation companies!

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