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Existential Comics @​existentialco... 49m v
Bill Gates made his money by extinguishing
free software and forcing us to pay him a tax
just to turn our computers on. This was only
possible because the State was ready to
violently enforce his "intellectual property".

He didn't created a computer revolution, he
destroyed one.

QD 39 t21 1,007 @​& 2844 <

Existential Comics @​existentialco.. 41m v
Zuckerberg made his money in the exact
same way, of course — by destroying an free
social network. A social network was bound
to emerge, what Zuckerberg did was prevent
it from following open protocols, like email,
so just anyone couldn't set up a server to
socialize with anyone.

Os tT 209 @​ v68 s

Existential Comics @​existentialco... -38m v
To say these people added value to the world
and therefore "deserve" their billions is
absurd. They subtracted value, an enormous
amount of value, and stymied progress to
seize control and extract wealth. Computers
and the internet would be more advance if
they had never existed.

O 12 tey2i2) @​>° oe

@johnnymac Why aren't Existential Comics on Masto? Such a shame!

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