This is one of my projects and I am really hoping that the co-op community can support it; This is a treasured local bookstore that sells new and used books. The mutli-stakeholder model includes workers, two consumer classes (basic and low income), and organizational (not-for-profit and co-ops). Check it out. We are trying to do the entire conversion through member equity since the book store model may make traditional financing difficult Please share and join!!

@johnnymac I'm part of a cooperative for an organic + regional produce store and (super)market. Such setups are not so unusual here in Germany, but the procedure to get legal recognition is complex and lengthy.

I would in principle welcome that for other stores too but it soon gets expensive being a member of multiple stores. I would love to see different types of shops have member cooperations to help strengthen local town centres. But I guess that's even more difficult to handle legally.

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