This is a must-hear talk in preparation for our Social.Coop on @GeorgeCheney's

Michael Peck gives an articulate and informative (if selective, and at times misleading) presentation of as it stands today.

@Matt_Noyes @GeorgeCheney Just listened to that podcast. What did Michael say that was misleading? Nothing struck my ear that way.

@tbeckett @GeorgeCheney

Example 1: he described the way that Mondragon handled the bankruptcy of Fagor Electrodomesticos as if all the workers were members of the cooperatives when in fact the majority were wage laborers. This matters because Mondragon's justly celebrated welfare system applies only to coop members -- who indeed got training, re-assignment, and/or payments of most of their salary while they were out of work. The thousands of wage laborers got none of this.

@Matt_Noyes @GeorgeCheney Thanks! I did not know those things about Fagor and Laboral. Definitely not angels.

@tbeckett @GeorgeCheney

Not devils either. The point, as Marx once said, is not to judge and condemn but to understand. Mondragon remains a touchstone, but even touchstones rest on unstable ground.


@Matt_Noyes @tbeckett @GeorgeCheney Agreed! Mondragon is important, especially as they experiment and change. At the same time, their experience is based unique aspects of the time and place that their co-op formed as well as the unique needs of their members. We need to avoid hero worship and presumptions that if Mondragon does something it must be correct (often it isn't that is why even they call it an experience).

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