"The three most important dimensions of organizational structure are *hierarchy*...the vertical dimensions of authority; *centralization*, ... the powers of coordination; and *formalization*, ... the degree to which organizational activities are standardized and regulated. Curiously, the Mondragon cooperatives... are growing more rigid along these three dimensions, even as their official rhetoric is spotlighting flexibility, innovation, and entrepreneurship."


In a workers cooperative the various labor-management cooperation approaches of the type used at Mondragon can have the effect of strengthening management at the expense of governance. In non-cooperative enterprises, the same approaches are often used to undermine union representation, which is an incomplete practice of governance.

So, how do we organize self-management? How do we organize authority, coordination, and regulation so as to strengthen solidarity and labor sovereignty?


@Matt_Noyes well I have really come to believe that sociocratic style systems can thread the needle. I don't think that people have to formally adopt SCM, sociocracy 2.0 or Halocracy (just look at Rainbow Grocery or SUMA); however, these formats have a lot to teach about creating hierarchies of work as opposed to hierarchies of power.

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