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this new moon is for definitely the right day for a festival of light in SPb... Sunset this afternoon at 15:57, -16 celsius and my phone says "it feels like -24"

recordings of last weekend's conference are available de-centring, as an idea, stresses the importance of geographically local "communities of practice".

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Ukpol, refugees 

The evaded tax bill for just a handful of companies based in the UK would easily pay, I should think, for the cost of accepting a few thousand refugees fleeing their homeland.

Sadly, the problem is racism and xenophobia, not money or how much 'room' we have.

Buy Nothing Day seems to have moved to Saturday in Russia. Weirdly, it's also supported by a bank with a special bonus for new clients

On academic writing, and NOT academic... one of Chekhov's earliest works. Letter to a Learned Neighbour. (in English here): pub. 1880

celebrating and today. Our family insists on having at least one party a month, (preferably coinciding with New Moons) !

Starting soon a showing of «6 kinetic melodies for the future that's needed» «Что делать» - YouTube - on New Holland island

about purpose and values 

I've added some comments about ''purpose'' to the code of conduct etherpad. This is a parallel from UK business law... capitalist enterprises are no longer required to say what their purposes are. (since the Companies Act 2006) Before 2006 it was enough to write "do any business, and anything necessary to run that business, in the interests of shareholders".

I found this document by @mike_hales in the p2p foundation wiki entry for ... I can see the overall logic, but I'd love to see all these references and ideas spread out and explained in a wiki, or maybe discussed again in office hour/community cafe. Learn starts on Monday with the new version 3.11 ... a free four-week course for teachers new to the Virtual Learning Environment. 3 - 4 hours / week study.

Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes - NFEAP - online from Oslo Metropolitan University

Starting today language for specific purposes mooc part of the ERASMUS+ catapult project

I just left today I'm trying to use Twitter and Mastodon simultaneously... Which ought to be enough.

When context overwhelms everything: Where is the space for research in the midst of "the great onlining"?

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