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«de la Misère Symbolique» by Bernard Stiegler

Originally published in French in 2004. An English translation was made in 2014 by Barnaby Norman. In my copy, the two volumes ("The Hyper-Industrial Age" and the "The Catastrophe of the Sensual World") are joined into one book. In these notes about it, the English translations just reflect my best understanding based on rusty schoolboy French. I think S

This is the second piece of background for my conference session "information space / learning space"

Posts on my website are usually written by an archeo-linguist from the 44th century, and translated into Russian from the original emojis. But this week, there's a "guest post" about by me in English...

Moodle Fairy visited this week presenting gamification in – in eloquent Russian to learners of Russian as a second language. 😮

We'll investigate

The 2 distinctions of the day:
A- the two terms in Russian – gamification and “igrofication” («Игрофикация »). The more English-sounding one will probably be used more.

B- the distinction in situationism between imaginative "play" and games with rules, like sport.

hi from hispanohablante Moodle admin in early old age, wavering between Berardi and Stiegler, based in NW Russia, who reads Odoevsky and still paints, developing my “English for Academic Purposes” competencies while trying to save my spine from too much sitting around cogitating by walking round in circles inside big buildings and practising a kind of “comtemplative pedagogy” with IT and high-tech undergrad students hoping a new counterculture will emerge.

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