@Matt_Noyes ... in other words the "signifier" or the "signified" (I look at this question from the point of view of a teacher of "English for Specific Purposes")

@Matt_Noyes I suppose it depends whether you are trying to explain how people use the word, or the complex set of interrelated phenomena

@Matt_Noyes Part of the problem may be starting with the loaded jargon term "capitalism". Yanis Varoufakis wrote an excellent book for teenagers on this topic, but he deliberately uses the term "market society" instead.

Starting soon a showing of «6 kinetic melodies for the future that's needed» «Что делать» - YouTube - youtube.com/?noapp=1 on New Holland island

social.coop meta meta 

@Matt_Noyes I think there are some patterns for group activities like:
- communities of practice
- curating knowledge
- promoting diversity
- reaching consensus
- active learning

about social.coop purpose and values 

I've added some comments about ''purpose'' to the code of conduct etherpad. This is a parallel from UK business law... capitalist enterprises are no longer required to say what their purposes are. (since the Companies Act 2006) Before 2006 it was enough to write "do any business, and anything necessary to run that business, in the interests of shareholders".

@CaitlinWaddick I watched the video, but the conversation is more about "going back to our roots" with historical examples of mutualism - trades unions, New Deal, credit unions, underground railway. I think it could help if you could pick out from the book the parts about the effects of the internet. Personally I don't think there's anything new about precarious work (what they call the "gig economy") but that's the sort of question I think Social.coop potentially wants to address.

Hello! @CaitlinWaddick
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get this book. Would this video with Horowitz be a place to start? youtu.be/aw7IdXJCQyY

@mike_hales @bhaugen @disco_coop @Matt_Noyes

Oh and the Disco Manifesto is just the first part of a trilogy. mothership.disco.coop/The_DisC Part two (Elements) begins with a quotation from Matt Noyes...

@mike_hales @bhaugen @disco_coop @Matt_Noyes

I've got enough material to go on for the moment with the Disco Manifesto tni.org/en/if-i-only-had-a-hea (80 pages) and worldpece.org/sites/default/fi Ours to Hack and Own (252 pages) 😮 (note that second book is actually copyright although individual authors' contributions are Creative Commons) Licensed)

@openrisk you're not going to like this, but I think a classical economist might say this is a "utility maximising unit" i.e. a neoliberal's idea of a household of one or more people. At least this term makes the ideological baggage easier to see 🤔

not sure here if you want a term for people as they actually are in "consumer society" or as they should be (in a utopia perhaps)...also whether we are talking about an "individual" person or an ideal-type representative of some kind of multitude or mass.

I found this document by @mike_hales in the p2p foundation wiki entry for social.coop loomio-uploads.s3.amazonaws.co ... I can see the overall logic, but I'd love to see all these references and ideas spread out and explained in a wiki, or maybe discussed again in office hour/community cafe.

@neil The Doughnut metaphor is a good way to answer the question "how many users should our instance of mastodon have?" There are arguments for scale, and also arguments for limits to growth.

learn.moodle.org/ Learn starts on Monday with the new version 3.11 ... a free four-week course for teachers new to the Virtual Learning Environment. 3 - 4 hours / week study.

@openrisk is right that a re-boot is coming soon. The first version was aiming to be a part of the mastodon/fediverse, but I'm not sure if that functionality ever appeared. It's mainly about curating OER resources with direct sharing from moodle sites.

Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes - NFEAP - uni.oslomet.no/nfeap/ online from Oslo Metropolitan University

Starting today .thecn.com/6797773 language for specific purposes mooc part of the ERASMUS+ catapult project

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