browsing which gives statistics on fediverse instances... for example % of insularity (posts mention people in the same instance) , and "neighbours" (based on mentions of users on other instances)

the latest moodle podcast features Martin Dougiamas on the ideals which inform the Moodle project. "How do we empower teachers to improve the world?"

Watching the Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly. which began with a minute of prayer or meditation

This new moon is for the hare - as seen from China and in Borges' "Manual de zoología fantástica" ... (reckoned to be the start of the year 4720)

28 1/2 - A beautiful drama-doc-opera set at the Youth Delphic Games in Samara.

some analogies for "zoom fatigue" like being in a lift, or having an assistant holding a mirror up, so you can see your own face all day long

New Moon - the start of a cycle is the optimal time for making resolutions.... solar years are too long to stay on track for.

this new moon is for definitely the right day for a festival of light in SPb... Sunset this afternoon at 15:57, -16 celsius and my phone says "it feels like -24"

recordings of last weekend's conference are available de-centring, as an idea, stresses the importance of geographically local "communities of practice".

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Ukpol, refugees 

The evaded tax bill for just a handful of companies based in the UK would easily pay, I should think, for the cost of accepting a few thousand refugees fleeing their homeland.

Sadly, the problem is racism and xenophobia, not money or how much 'room' we have.

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