It's not at all surprising that Teen Vogue has a Lesson Plan for its readers. (

What is weird, though, is that "What Capitalism is and How it Affects People" is a decidedly un-marxist description of capitalism! It's all about the free market and consumption, and "it's all based on supply and demand." Nothing about wage labor, surplus value, enclosures, reserve army of labor, crises, etc...

@Matt_Noyes Part of the problem may be starting with the loaded jargon term "capitalism". Yanis Varoufakis wrote an excellent book for teenagers on this topic, but he deliberately uses the term "market society" instead.

@johnkuti I find this interesting -- to me, capitalism is the more specific term but to others it seems like jargon. No objection to being flexible with language, but why not use the fairly standard term that is also more exact?


@Matt_Noyes I suppose it depends whether you are trying to explain how people use the word, or the complex set of interrelated phenomena

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