@bhaugen @disco_coop Starting some documentation @ meet.coop. Was going to try gitBook but account login is not working. D'you know gitBook? Are there similar options? I need something hyperlinked, clean navigation (chapters, sidebar unfolding hierarchy), markdown, collaborative.
D'you know what tool DisCO uses? Or who I should ask about this?
The DisCO Handbook link at
is empty. Documentation at DisCO seems pretty confusing right now, it used to be clearer.


@mike_hales @bhaugen @disco_coop @Matt_Noyes

Oh and the Disco Manifesto is just the first part of a trilogy. mothership.disco.coop/The_DisC Part two (Elements) begins with a quotation from Matt Noyes...

Thanks, I've accessed those in the past. Right now I hope for toolstack info, on DisCO/GT's preferred documentation tools. It's mediawiki I think. But I'm looking for something book-like. Navigation in mediawiki leaves things to be desired.
DisCO mediawiki seems half broken or empty right now :( Custom interface is visually lacking and partly broken. And not linked from the Mothership site. A bit uninspiring and unhelpful, collaboration-toolwise.
@bhaugen @disco_coop @Matt_Noyes

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