I have spent my morning wrangling chicken wire to improve our lacklustre fencing for puppy safety reasons. Now for an afternoon of SFA.

An additional small furry creature has moved in. Not complaining in the least.

My first successful cuts with the MPCNC. I’ll make a video soon explaining all about how I built it. youtu.be/E6KaPQ6VhcU

Hey folks. If I want to make a conventional package that is straight forward for people to consume in their project which of the many packaging tools should I use? @Br3nda

Just chilling at the Wellington Regional Blood & Cancer Centre and as far as waiting rooms go it’s pretty lush. Your tax dollars well spent. Ka pai.

Drag chains installed. Not perfect but it’ll do. Now I have to extend some wires.

It’s hard to find the perfect headline, but sometimes one just scrolls on by.

Today was my last day at Narrative and true to form I was deploying to production right up to the last minute. What a great team. I’ll miss them. Also, you can have my old job if you want. You’d be great. I believe in you. narrative.so/careers/lead-serv

After six months of cramming I finally got the project from hell over the line - the day before my last day.

My hot take about working from home is that it's great because sometimes you're in a meeting and a kid will interrupt it and I don't care what job you've got, that always makes the meeting better.

One of my favourite things about 3d printing is bringing things back to life that would otherwise be rubbish. I got this “broken” tripod at our local recycle shop missing its quick release. 10 minutes with callipers and CAD and I have a working “GoPro style” mount.

I’ve been thinking about that ST:PIC finale and I’m pretty sure that there is no writers room - they just fed all previous ST scripts into GPT-3 and asked it to write a season.

Would anyone else like there to be a paid peertube instance in Aotearoa?

It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that users are just entitled jerks who want shit for free - and sometimes they are - but every now and then I have an interaction with a maintainer or a user which redeems my faith in humanity. That’s a pretty big lift, NGL.

#RightToRepair will become an absolute necessity in the near future. Having all the supply chain completely fucked up and prices all over increasing like never before, people will need to learn how to do stuff themselves instead of pulling a credit card.

So over the last week I've been working on [µCNC](github.com/Paciente8159/uCNC/) including a relay-control spindle tool. Here's a video of it in action:


my lastest project has been an which has taken me several weeks to build. I particularly enjoyed building the electronics box, which allowed me to do some , and some . The best part is that it's almost 100% made out of stuff I had lying around. Even the table is made out of reclaimed wood. Total spend maybe NZ$250.

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