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@jjg I don't know if this could be a component of your system or not. I use something called MDwiki to take markdown pages and render them as HTML. It's entirely client-side (HTML and JS), installation is literally dropping an HTML file on your server.!ind

“Can’t sleep, clown will eat me”

the clown is capitalism


NOAM CHOMSKY: ”It’s one of the gravest times in human history. Humans have been around for 200,000 years. For the first time in their history, they have to decide—and quickly—whether organized human society is going to survive for very long. So, is it the most gravest moment in my life? Yes. But also in all of human history.”

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@jjg I'm going with jekyll personally. Had used it on for a long time, but finally grew out of that due to wanting formatting plugins. Workflow is build-test-push, which suits me as I usually want to fix a dozen typos before I push. (Also currently busted.)

It always makes my day to come across another Anarchist in my feed/follows/replies/etc.

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@jjg roll your own! it's fun. :)

here's mine (i don't use a commit hook, but it'd be easy enough):

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Use ikiwiki, Hugo or Jekyll together with GitLab pages?…

For self-hosting, yeah, just pushing to your http server and running the generator in post-commit will do the trick.

Using symlinks you can make the flip from previous rendering to current rendering atomic.
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@jjg The search keyword to start with is probably "static site generator".

One of the oldest, best known examples is Jekyll, written in Ruby. GitHub's GitHub Pages system will auto-build Jekyll-based git repositories on git push and host them on You can even CNAME a domain to them. (This is how I host my personal blog, for instance.)

Many newer options such as Hugo (written in golang), Gatsby (React-based), etc. Newer static page hosts like and Zeit's Now.

@clacke ah I think I got it, thanks for the suggestions!

@clacke definitely want to go the self-hosted route, preferably using static files for performance, lower overhead, etc.

When you say “the generator”, are you referring to something specific?

Looking for a simple git-based blog system. I.E., “git push” and the stuff in the repo turns into some static content at the remote.

I’m thinking something that is triggered by a commit hook or some such, ideally turning markdown into markup, although I could deal with HTML in the repo if necessary.

Considering writing the whole thing myself but figured I’d ask just in case I don’t have to :)

@ekaitz_zarraga word

This is going on my winter hacking list


Hot take: I’d argue that this happened at the creation of the first compiler.

I could probably write a book about this but I’ll stop here for now :)

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