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Yeah fossil really does it all. I went that way for awhile but honestly it was more than I needed, and more work to maintain.

Man, the more I learn about , the less I need anything else.

@gemlog @xmanmonk same here, I use a different VPS but still use their tutorials because they are soooo good.

Kind of feel guilty about it 😇

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...now to find a way to migrate wordpress content without agony 😂

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I thought maybe some weird FS thing but sudo works so...had to be permissions?

Anyway I was able to work-around it by telling Hugo to stop messing with timestamps :)

@h maybe you can help me out with something that I think might be Go-specific?

Working on the server-side of the deployment and I get:

"Error: Error copying static files: chtimes <private details>, operation not permitted" during the hugo command.

Of course it works with sudo, but that's not cool :)

I've confirmed that the user is in the right group, and that the directory permissions are cool, etc. (cp, mkdir all work) but I'm not sure what "chtimes" is trying to do?

@h that's where I'm departing from (WP).

So far so good.

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Fediverse? More like friendiverse amirite?

Decided to give Hugo a shot, thanks for all the suggestions!

Found this tutorial that looks pretty good in case anyone else is looking for such a thing:


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+1 for Hugo

Sugest: Shell script to check for changes, then run Hugo + Rsync the docs folder to http Server. Hugo + Rsync works great here for all m y sites. Checking for changes should be easy

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@jjg @gemlog Might be a bit more technical than you are looking for, but I use Hugo to deploy my site. It’s just a single statically compiled binary on the server end. I edit my local repository, push to master and a git hook clones the repository, builds it and deploys to /var/www

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@jjg I just set up Hugo to push to Netlify and it is exactly this. Lots of nice templates to start from as well


Not really a lot of content yet, but here’s my site for reference: firewally.net

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