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Taking a break from high performance computing to work on the sequencer project (with a little help from Einstein)

Made nowhere near the progress I expected on over the weekend, but did manage to get it to a point where I can start tuning

Brahms isn’t my favorite but this is an excellent recording and it’s sitting just right this morning.

Had a garage sale and purged so much stuff, but couldn’t get anyone to take this little Mac.

I’m trying really hard to rid myself of distractions from working on but I can’t help feel like this is a sign that I should do something with this little guy...

In probably more excited about these than I should be, but still...

Record store day find, prepare to get psychedelic...

Exciting day, boards came early and actually worked after I assembled one!

Making some progress with . Still need to learn a few things before I can order some boards, but hey, my first computer-drawn schematic :)

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