Got the first part of my little music project working today (sequencer).

Gotta say there’s something alchemy-esque about using analog components to drive digital logic to control an analog signal...

Just happen to be passing through Chippewa Falls...

broke the 20 Gflops barrier last night (22.12 to be precise).

New kernel + big hunks of copper and (janky) active cooling is showing potential for getting closer to my performance objectives.

Sketching the front-end interface board again.

This board lets the front-end node switch power to the cluster via software, measures whole system power consumption and manages active cooling, etc.

Seemed like adding a microcontroller was overkill at first, but I’m getting used to it, and it creates some cool possibilities.

Really tempted by this Jackson (I would have done regretful things for one back in the early 90’s).

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