Afternoon all,

I've entered -psc in the 2018 Hackaday prize. I don't expect to take the grand prize (competition isn't really my thing) but if I can place it will go a long way to funding my work (which is most necessary to make the jump to RISC-V).

If you have a few minutes, check it out and give it a "skull" :)

@jjg I've considered entering the Kestrel Computer Project as well, but it's such a generic project (literally tons of homebrew computers on Hackaday's site), I would have virtually no chance of winning anything at all.

@vertigo I've tried to enter something each year if only to encourage me to get better at promoting my work.

I've never won anything before, but I did get a cool t-shirt one year :)

@jjg To me it looks like your case is paying respect to the Altair, well done.

@Kensan thank-you! I owe a lot to the micros of the 70’s and I’ve always found them beautiful.

Seemed like a fitting way to convey the internal state of the machine as well as a nod to its ancestors.

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