Of course I'd love to work full-time on so even at this early stage I think about how the project might facilitate that.

My initial thoughts follow the typical paths (kits, kickstarter, patreon, etc.) but reading "Ours to hack and own" has me wondering if there is a co-op approach to this.

I have a couple ideas but it's all pretty fuzzy. I'm wondering if any of the folks here have any thoughts, or have seen something like this done before?

@jjg Most tech coops I know are software and service coops (and obviously the media project we're members of). But you may want to reach out to the German hardware scene where small shop electronics devs have always been active and following a very different model. It may be more directly translatable to electronic hardware coops in some regards.

@h Cool, I will see what I can dig-up about that.

One partial idea I've had is to make "users" into "members" whose participation involves lending spare cycles to a distributed processing "pool" (I've mentioned this feature somewhere in the past I'm sure), along with the traditional membership aspects of participation in governance, etc.

Still working on the mappings :)

@h @jjg being able to buy your computer within Europe would also makes it much more available to the European and British hackers.

Otherwise once you buy more than about €100-€200 of equipment from outside the EU, in some nations like UK you must get a a Customs import authorisation number. Had to deal with this last week, when purchasing radio pagers from Taiwan for work.

Its not that difficult to get but takes extra time and effort, perhaps more than hobbyists might want to expend!

@h I suspect whole business of having to get auth number (didn't happen with a previous shipment of the same things) is HMRC already *preparing* for Brexit, the Taiwanese ship the same equipment to all of EU and were surprised that we encountered an extra hurdle.

Even when the full decisions have not yet made by elected representatives, things like this empower nationalist types at the frontline of public services to "enforce the rules harder" (I've seen it before in Thatchos days)


@vfrmedia @h Good to know, this is something I wouldn't have found out myself (until it was too late to plan for it), thanks!

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