Plex is no longer going to allow their paying customers to opt-out of having their viewing metadata collected and used by Plex (presumably for direct or indirect profit).

Remember when it was enough to pay a company for a piece of software without them pimping out your personal information for a little extra profit on the side?

You know jjg I know, if you are paying *anything* to such a company, you are paying too much. You can host your own whatever-you-want at home (with a bit of port forwarding usually) or by renting (for like €8/mo) and then do whatever you want.
Or try free use of or many, many other options. Check out

If you aren't paying money? You are paying with your soul. You *are* the product.

Social stuff is a bit harder, but federating gnu/linux is fixing it! :-)

@jjg I kicked plex to the curb for emby a long time ago when plex went closed source.

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