Looking for a simple git-based blog system. I.E., “git push” and the stuff in the repo turns into some static content at the remote.

I’m thinking something that is triggered by a commit hook or some such, ideally turning markdown into markup, although I could deal with HTML in the repo if necessary.

Considering writing the whole thing myself but figured I’d ask just in case I don’t have to :)

Decided to give Hugo a shot, thanks for all the suggestions!

Found this tutorial that looks pretty good in case anyone else is looking for such a thing:


@jjg Hey, thanks for that. Been looking for a good tutorial!

@xmanmonk @jjg
I didn't find DO to be a good deal for me, but I have availed myself of some of their tutorials since I left them.


@gemlog @xmanmonk same here, I use a different VPS but still use their tutorials because they are soooo good.

Kind of feel guilty about it 😇

@jjg @gemlog @xmanmonk
Ah. That's what that feeling was - it was kind of vague.
Seriously, I did buy a droplet from them once, but didn't think it was a very good deal compared to other providers.

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