Solar power aside (which is cool, but pretty typical), there is a lot of gold in here for anyone who writes software and gives a damn about the environment:


Got so jazzed by that Low-Tech Magazine solar server article I'm considering reviving one of my favorite old projects:

@jjg I kind of like Medium's take, where they encourage you to "write a response" onto your own profile. Youtube used to have a similar idea. I should look into this for my own content


That's the gist. My hope is that it will make people own their commentary, and either put more effort into it, or click "cancel" 😁

@jjg I love how all low-tech blogging platforms have absurd names. My own low-tech blogging engine was called Unsuitable, exactly because someone said that Forth was wholly unsuitable for web-based application development.

Perhaps, after defeating Ken's Challenge with my first-generation #Kestrel3, I should port/redesign Unsuitable for operation on my Kestrel-3 and use it as my Kestrel Project's blogging engine.

@uranther @jjg I should probably put this up on the website.

Once upon a time, back when I worked for Rackspace, my coworker named Ken posed a challenge for me and the Kestrel project: "Use the Kestrel for no fewer than five business days *exclusively* to get your daily work done at the office."

Since I cannot run Linux directly on the 1st generation design, this requires a bit of creativity to solve.

@uranther @jjg First, I will use VNC to connect to computers which have my development environment on them. This solves two problems: (1) implementing a GUI of my own, and (2) remote access to servers beyond those machines (since I can just use ssh on those machines instead of my own).

But, to use VNC, I have to build a network stack, and I have to make sure I have a graphics subsystem capable enough to support VNC's needs.

@uranther @jjg And, of course, I'll need to implement or port an operating system or language runtime capable of supporting the concurrency and/or parallelism required by the TCP/IP stack and network drivers.

So, as you can see, after completing Ken's Challenge, I'll have all the pieces I need to set up my own blog engine on the computer, since it just re-uses all those same components.

@vertigo @jjg a keen challenge! Ken may not have realized what creative forces he had just unleashed.

@vertigo I'd use a blog written in forth (or at least I'd try :) ) Technically and socially, this sounds like a project that made all the right calls, energy efficiency aside.

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