Well I have my server setup with SSL and all that good stuff. Most of the hassle was dealing with cgi support (which I haven't touched since before the year 2000) and your basic unix permissions, etc.

I still want to come up with a more convinient way of setting up new repositories, but that can wait. For now it's good enough to work with for awhile and see if I can switch over from &

Working on a blog post as well...

@jjg I started thinking about Fossil earlier but then ended up looking at Pijul. It might be too early to put that into production, but I like the look of it.

for most personal-documents stuff I have been migrating over to SyncThing which supports a few different versioning modes. I sync to a machine that automatically does the backups, so there's some redundancy.


Syncthing is pretty great, I use it for my "piles of files" sort of stuff :)

I haven't seen Pijul but I'll check it out, thanks for the tip!

@jjg @Triplefox The one thing that has kept my from Syncthing is the ability to share docs. How do you all share files with others?


@sikkdays @Triplefox

I don't have a good answer for that. I've setup special shared folders to collaborate with other Syncthing users, but getting people to use Syncthing just to share stuff with me can be difficult.

@jjg Yes. I found they as well for one of the podcasts I do. I actually have a friend @cuibonobo who wanted to build a way to do it. I think she got too busy with other things.

I'm happy with my Nextcloud as we've discussed before. I was just curious if things had changed since I used SyncThing last.

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