@cstanhope yes.

That was quite a day. I was surprised at how much overlap there is between Raskin and Tufte (I almost wonder if they collaborated at some point).

I didn't get a chance to talk to ET about it though, which was a bummer, but man I learned a lot.

@sajith no, didn't get a chance to get them signed but the class was amazing...

@jjg Damn, I did not know that there were offering classes in Chicago this week!

How do you keep up with them without the "legacy" social media?

@sajith Yeah I was happy to see that he's doing classes again. I was planning to go to one a decade ago, but then he got a job at the Whitehouse for awhile :)

I used his website to find out about the classes :)

@jjg Didn't know about his Whitehouse job. :)

I will not remember to keep polling his website. I was hoping there would be an RSS feed (the one on his site is empty) or newsletter or some such. His Twitter feed seems to be a more reliable source, but it contains things I am not interested in, and it is Twitter. :)

@sajith For me the polling mechanism is driven more by my schedule than an external one (in other words, I go look when I have available time coming up :) )

An RSS feed would be better.

@jjg Ah. Clearly he was not with the current whitehouse. :-)

Interesting that recovery.gov (I believe this used to be the Recovery Independent Advisory Panel's website?) doesn't work anymore...

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