broke the 20 Gflops barrier last night (22.12 to be precise).

New kernel + big hunks of copper and (janky) active cooling is showing potential for getting closer to my performance objectives.

@jjg Is there a computing project you plan to run on this beast?


Primary objective is to create a platform to make experimenting with new high-performance applications easier and more fun. Personally, I have a number of simulation projects and traditional HPC things I want to use it for, but my real ambition is to make a machine people can use in new and unexpected ways.

So far I've been focused on the hardware side, but I have a number of idea for the software/tooling/etc. to work on next.

@jjg Congrats on this milestone! Time to uncork something! 😃

@h thanks!

The best part is confirming my suspicions about why it was hitting the previous ceiling. It's also good to know that it's possible to keep the SOC from going into CPU-throttling temperatures without resorting to anything too complex (at least at factory-rated clock speeds :) ).

Plenty of work to do yet but nice to be making progress again.

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