Finally getting around to setting-up another reader (since my blew-up) and ran across :

I was going to run my own server but after reading their hosting page I was so charmed that I’m going to subscribe (if only to support their work):

@gemlog I haven’t used tt-rss personally so I can’t really say, but the thing that attracted me to miniflux over to-rss is that it’s not PHP (nothing really against PHP, I just struggle hosting it).

@jjg I found php to be such a weird beasty back in 2004 when I suddenly needed to heavily modify moodle to do my bidding, but since then I've had heaps of php things esp joomla. what makes it difficult for you?

@gemlog @jjg nice, I've been looking for a good feed reader, will give this one a go

@jjg I used to run this self-hosted on my Pi - might need to fire it up again, although I mostly don't follow particular sources...

@donblanco I’m happy with it so far, a little slow sometimes but that could just be network latency.

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