This is a note to people moving their repositories blindly to do you know Google is actually a huge investor in Gitlab?

The issue is not about Microsoft buying Github. The issue is about centralization and silos.

You do not solve that by moving your data from one silo to another.

You solve that by relying on small providers you can trust, or by becoming a provider yourself.


@eliotberriot one upside of Gitlab is that it's open, so you can stand up your own instance if Google starts pulling shit.

Not an option with Github

@jjg @eliotberriot That's true, but Gitlab is heavyweight and probably not the sort of thing you can host on an ARM board.

@bob @jjg @eliotberriot there is also gitea as a lightweight alternative FYI

@jjg @bob @eliotberriot @rugk I converted my gitlab instance (that I ran for 3 years) to gitea over the weekend. It was VERY easy.

(I went with docker for some reason, rather than my usual vm style deployment... but as it's a single executable even that should be easy - point it at your database and go.)

Various other places have info on self-hosting it like who are here as @cloud (I think.) I didn't use their setup, but know some who have...

@bob @jjg @eliotberriot gitea is pretty lightweight and easy to spin up at least.

Personally I’d like to see things like issue tracking and wikis be handled as a file convention within the repo itself. So forks automatically pull the state of affairs at that point in time and merges merge in changes to them.

@jjg please read my toot carefully: I'm explicitely talking about

I've got nothing about Gitlab the software (or the company). But the way things are going, will become a new Github in the upcoming months.

@eliotberriot Sorry about jumping the gun, just a bit wound up this morning :)

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