Why do many applications default their graphics export to PDF and not PNG...I would love to know the reasoning behind that design choice!

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I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


Chipping away at these bug reports today...press f to pay respects

This is esp important as scientific software continues to progress: a lot of scientists don't have the same kind of experience with programming that most other kinds of programmers do, & the documentation for common scientific libraries needs to progress in tandem w the software

Most documentation i've seen is written by devs who write primarily for devs. While devs are subset of users, its not always the core userbase and this makes a lot of documentation inaccessible to many users

Documentation is a core part of UX, and by not making your documentation as easy to use as possible, you fail to optimize the user experience of your product/service

I've been going to bed way too late. Gotta do better at getting to bed earlier to keep some amount of control over my mood shifts

Downloaded my data yesterday and deleted Facebook!

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"co-operatives are established to serve their members’ interests and hence profitability is a means to and end rather than an end in itself"

-Cornforth, Chris (2004)

I wanted to buy a switch but I made a student loan payment instead...shez-responsible

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“Critics of the big tech companies are often told, ‘If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.’ I did this experiment to find out if that is possible, and I found out that it’s not—with the exception of Apple. These companies are unavoidable because they control internet infrastructure, online commerce, and information flows. Many of them specialize in tracking you around the web, whether you use their products or not”


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I'm really surprised that there apparently isn't a "not made with prison labor" symbol for products, verified by a third-party group similar to the Non-GMO Project or the Vegan Society

When Americans buy products that say "Made in the USA" they expect the money to go into supporting local, well-paying jobs, not fueling private prisons who utilize slave labor. This is the desire regardless of political alignment. People need the ability to make an informed decision

Today so far I have:

- developed a nice internal UX for a utility tool I created

- updated my house’s automated budgeting spreadsheet to work with this new month’s set of transactions

- gently escorted a stinkbug that made its way into my room outside

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Kashmir Hill: "Even though I don’t use any Windows machines, don’t own an Xbox, and don’t turn to Microsoft Office for document creation, the company still turns out to be tricky to block, not so much online, but in the real world..." gizmodo.com/i-cut-microsoft-ou

as an aside I'm awaiting the day we stop shaming and vilifying people who don't want to work...imagine this: outside of capitalism people will have the ability to occupy their time with a new type of work, or if they want, enjoy spending their time doing other things! Like crafting, reading, learning...

Feeling really unmotivated to work today considering everyone else I know is home because their classes got cancelled...

Times like this I feel very dumb but I try to keep in mind that git isn’t very human-friendly or intuitive, & the things I try to do to make everything make sense to me as a human are totally reasonable when git obscures itself so good

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