Great to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that #freeSoftware (#AGPL) can greatly work together with #kubernetes #operators written in #Golang and with #openStack if needed!

- #yunohost
- #cloudron
- #freedombox
- #portainer
- #libre.sh v1
Are great for their purpose, but #Docker #container alone do not solve many problems.

@jdaviescoates @autonomic Cool!
Do I see it correctly that coopcloud.tech/ is mainly building on top of Docker Swarm?

Are there the same people involved as in webarchitects.coop ?
I like their idea of #greenIT / #greenHardware / #greenEnergy and #freeSoftware.
I have seen this combination yet only in @hostsharing (also sharing the degrowth mindset and with an awesome #sustainability report, which I think is in German only).
On both hosters, I saw a lot of Ansible based documentation. But I'm happy to hear if there are plans to go into the direction of Kubernetes(operator)/Golang/Docker/LXC/openVZ/turnkeylinux
@greenfediverse lite.framacalc.org/green-webho

@aligyie yes, we're aiming to be the smallest-possible layer on top of Docker Swarm. More here: docs.coopcloud.tech/faq/#why-d

Co-op Cloud was initiated by @autonomic, who have collaborated with Web Architects on specific projects (we just launched servers.coop together, to provide more coöp-run server hosting, for instance ☺) but they haven't been involved with Co-op Cloud so far.

— 3wc

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