You know this trial I have been leading since 5 years against a pedocriminal and his cult organization I was born in ?

Well, we, OKCINFO justice initiative, won the trial.

Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang is sentenced to a 5 years suspended sentence and financial compensation for the victim's.

The Court of Liege found Robert Spatz guilty of child sexual abuses with aggravation of authority, adepts children's abduction for his personal interest, several financial crimes, fraud and - 1/3

Court recognized the OKC cult organization as under the influence of Robert Spatz to the point the Court acquitted all the board of the organization, including OKC general secretary and Spatz right hand and accomplice Yana.

Obviously it can sounds that the sentence isn't enough for the Crimes committed, even more without reading the motivation of the judgement, but from our perspective, this is the best judgement we had in 5 years and one that we can sleep in peace knowing we did - 2/3

the essential, Spatz is now legally a pedocriminal, his life will be impacted in ways he probably can't imagine or predict and I wish him and the fanatics around him a good time living in paranoïa and in a "end of the world" madness that only reflect their own demise : the end of the world of Spatz

Good riddance! - 3/3


@rmdes that's some heavy shit, respect and well done for fighting for at least some justice.

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