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<< ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested >>

Inching closer to getting the Jitsi Meet patch required for live interpretation merged into core:

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How do corporate services reach the tipping point where "everyone" uses them? Is it by writing good software? Not so much...

Is anyone using gitweb anymore or is it gitlab and gitea all the way? Just struggled to get gitweb working, now documented for future self

10 techies, 35 devices, Prince's Party Like It's 1999 desktop shared, elf binary pasted into chat, and still can't crash jitsi meet. Will what happened last week remain a mystery forever?

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If anyone is bored and has an old browser or device lying around, May First is trying to re-create a meeting we had last week where it *seems* an errant browser crashed the meeting. We'll be here for the next hour:

I'm not really sure how Zoom was accused of misstating their end to end encryption ( but I feel somewhat vindicated in noticing that 3 years ago (

Ahhh. "Use another login" means use another device configured with the same login to verify your identity.

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I just logged into my matrix account which I haven't used since I set it up. I got this message. I've seen a lot of confusing system messages (and written a lot of confusing ones too) but this one has me baffled. I guess I will skip.

Every time I've tried to be "social" (on Twitter as well as Diaspora,, and Gnu Social...) I've never been able to keep it up, so I started on with a pessimistic £1/month contribution. But here I am on for 6 months. Hooray! I just raised my contribution. Thanks everyone for a building a create environment.

Just came across some great sites for helping people be more secure online. The target audience is women's righs and sexual rights activists, but they are broadly useful for everyone:, (it's a game!),

Answers a lot of my questions about why ransomware attacks are so successful, most notably: depending on the size of your off site backup it could literally take months or even years to restore.

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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

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