I'm not really sure how Zoom was accused of misstating their end to end encryption (rwsmagazine.com/bbc-zoom-reach) but I feel somewhat vindicated in noticing that 3 years ago (twitter.com/jamierelay/status/)

Ahhh. "Use another login" means use another device configured with the same login to verify your identity.

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I just logged into my matrix account which I haven't used since I set it up. I got this message. I've seen a lot of confusing system messages (and written a lot of confusing ones too) but this one has me baffled. I guess I will skip.

Every time I've tried to be "social" (on Twitter as well as Diaspora, Identi.ca, and Gnu Social...) I've never been able to keep it up, so I started on social.coop with a pessimistic £1/month contribution. But here I am on social.coop for 6 months. Hooray! I just raised my contribution. Thanks everyone for a building a create environment.

Just came across some great sites for helping people be more secure online. The target audience is women's righs and sexual rights activists, but they are broadly useful for everyone: safesisters.net/, digitalsafetea.com/ (it's a game!), en.ftx.apc.org/shelves/ftx-saf.

@raucao @zkat @kosmos May First is a multi stakeholder coop - workers and members. We have a concept of "worker" that includes both paid and unpaid workers that are explicitly hired and directed by the elected leadership, as opposed to "volunteer" who can show up when they can. By laws are here mayfirst.coop/en/bylaws/. But... No software ownership. I think what you are talking about is more about writing specific software.

Answers a lot of my questions about why ransomware attacks are so successful, most notably: depending on the size of your off site backup it could literally take months or even years to restore.

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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from theoatmeal.com/comics/reaching )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

Am I the only person who didn't know sending bit.ly links to Google tanks deliverability?

In a desperate act of procrastination I have moved my blog from Ikiwiki to Hugo: current.workingdirectory.net/

I'm really enjoying corecursive.com/ a podcast that tells the story of a lot of the software I use or have used, like SQLite and CVS (remember that one?).

@zkat I don't think you can separate community contributions from the community. Do you value the community? If so, labor spent building the community isn't a drag on the core team, it's their job. CiviCRM is a good example. The project struggles with this labor but ultimately does a good job because they see supporting community contributions as a critical part of building community, and a vibrant community as a critical part of their project.

 "A world free of email might sound like bliss, but let’s be more specific: the ideal world is one without work."
In defence of email:

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"While there are big differences between Italian fascism, British colonialism and pro-slavery groups in the US, all have contributed to a fantasy idea about Rome’s whiteness that’s still a feature of Western civilisation...

"As white supremacists storm the centres of Western governance, this is not just a niche issue. It could play a vital role in strengthening our democracies."


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U.S. Healthcare Is So Trash This Game’s Localization Needed Changing

The American healthcare system is so uniquely terrible among developed countries that a localization team translating a recent indie game had to completely replace a line about crowdfunding an emergency medical procedure because it wouldn’t make sense to players outside of the United States.


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