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I keep saying I'm done with Posting but then I take hours of each day to Post, so who is the fool

do folks have thoughts on 

Do folks have any thoughts on

I used to use tumblr a lot a lot but I dont really blog anymore

And I got really into blogging for a while but now it feels like blogging is a closed chapter in my life now

Anywya what do ppl think of


I've been so paranoid these past couple weeks

I'm getting very interested in the texture and form of the "anarchy A"

It's such a trippy symbol & it's a symbol of freedom

I'm on 5 hours of sleep.......I'm tired and thinking weird thoughts

Problematic article in -- is it just about stock ownership (workers giving the company more money) and being given "a say" in how we are exploited and by whom? In the workers movement we talk about "business unionism" -- this sounds like "business cooperativism." And once again, while 's achievements are used to justify coops to business people, Mondragon's "deslizo" into "" is not mentioned. Good developments, bad strategy.

pdx weather, climate change 

Hoping people dont forget about this fire season and go back to ignoring climate change like we usually do

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pdx weather, climate change 

The air in portland today is not nearly as bad as it has been, thank god

Does anyone have any recommendations for not-expensive digital interfaces/preamps?

I'm trying to record guitar and vocals into ableton and I hear I gotta get an interface/preamp to get it to sound real good

Budgetwise I guess I'm willing to spend up to like $200 but I'm wondering what kind of options I have

our solidarity must extend to

every person behind bars
every displaced person
every victim of imperialism
every family affected by the matrix of these three things
every person in ICE detention
every person facing deportation
every person growing up with gang and police violence all around them
every poor person

and every person who resides at the axes between these various oppressions


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social media, masto meta 

Funny thing about getting into mastodon/the fediverse now is that I've already like distanced myself from the desire to Post. For the past year or so my Twitter ( has been run as a markov chain bot, because I dont have the energy/interest to post anymore. I really dig mastodon but I'm just as happy to keep social media at an arms length

burgerville workers union 

Yesterday, seven workers at one Burgerville were sent home because they were wearing buttons that read "Abolish ICE" and "No one is illegal". Management had to shut down the drive-thru because of how shortstaffed they got.

Well, today, Burgerville has rescinded their repressive bottom policy and has agreed to pay back pay to the workers they sent home! Workers will also be allowed to wear their pronouns at work, at all Burgervilles.

coop promo 

Hi, since I have noticed a lot of new cool #coop people in both #SocialCoop and #SunbeamCity I just wanted to remind you all that Resonate is trying to outdo Spotify and all other Capitalist Streaming Services and provide artists with ownership and better incomes from streaming.

Check them out:

Does this require a CW? Maybe. Food workers support prison strike.

My first CW. But a good article with some real insights into penal slavery.

Reading up on grifters that claim they can live on sunlight alone (breatharianism) and came across this gem

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