Show newer I just did this yesterday lol

I just want you all to know, if you're following me, I want you to know, I'm a huge huge weirdo

My Twitter account is literally just nonsense--I hooked it up to a Markov chain generator

Wow I'm feeling a big urge to get back into blogging... I am living through my own personal renaissance

@Ricardus I feel like professional sound types are always giving really authoritative advice that is, like... stupid

the saddest thing about grimes being so shitty is that Art Angels really is an amazing album I find The Count from Sesame Street hot can you interview me

From birdsite 

Hola! Ha nacido en las redes un nuevo grupo de trabajadores y trabajadoras de la Hostelería. Queremos movilizar al sector para convocar un paro en protesta por la precariedad que vivimos. Te unes?

I keep saying I'm done with Posting but then I take hours of each day to Post, so who is the fool

Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – short thread 

@InvaderXan wow I love this intervention... my mom is an architect and she loves art nouveau, this can maybe be a fun thing to talk about with her

fitness + food 

@vivaizix yes yes yes. I've been getting way more into exercise and meditation lately, and it's been making me feel incredible, but I can't help but feel that so much of the culture is this weird neoliberal drive for productivity and complicity with capital... I want to find more resources that interface wellness with radical anticapitalism

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