ngl this instance is more appealing to me now that it's been updated hehe.....hmm


Should I come back to Lol i miss it...I like the vibe here 

I'm pretty out of the loop about what's going on and I'm looking forward to jumping in and getting my bearings among it

I know that theres been a lot of struggle and "drama", which is unfortunate but also reminds me of offline organizing spaces

a lot of the dynamics also seem to involve the specific mode of internet communication too

But I feel interested in this project and I'd like to do what little I can to make it better

Is there a way to hide toots with certain phrases on

Today's reading group meeting on @GeorgeCheney's book has been postponed.

A new time poll will be posted in a few days. It is a great book -- please feel free to participate! The reading group is one space we can use to cultivate our mutual understanding of cooperative principles and practices. to-dos 

Alright, since The Discourse ate the last two hours of my work-day, an evening event, and half my sleep last night, I'm gonna step away until this evening to try to get caught up on some other responsibilities. In the meantime, a few actionable things to contribute to if you have a few minutes to help put our co-op on more sold footing.

In the CWG:
- Vote on the proposed CoC
- Provide feedback on the draft Federation Policy.

In main group:
- Vote in the board straw poll

So it strikes me as though it'd be pretty rad if loomio had a mastodon integration. boost to vote with toots 🐘☑️

I was explaining solarpunk to my coworker and I described it as "basically super mario sunshine"

On another note, just got my copy of in the mail. Can't wait to see what -inspired social change strategy looks and feels like.

My writing, "entry 985 of On Blogging" 

I've uploaded to a post from "On Blogging," a 1,000-post blog I maintained from 2014 to 2017.

labor organizing 

As a union organizer, my biggest role model is Special Agent Dale Cooper

pro tip: if you want your disabled friends at an event you’re planning, plan accessibility into your event!!

labor unions 

I really dont like the term "trade union"... I much prefer the term "labor union", because I feel like it doesn't foreground "the trades" and the distinction between skilled/unskilled labor, but rather foregrounds the sovereignty of labor and laboring, which I think is the principal agent and subject of an effective radical workers movement

I just want you all to know, if you're following me, I want you to know, I'm a huge huge weirdo

My Twitter account is literally just nonsense--I hooked it up to a Markov chain generator

Wow I'm feeling a big urge to get back into blogging... I am living through my own personal renaissance

the saddest thing about grimes being so shitty is that Art Angels really is an amazing album

From birdsite 

Hola! Ha nacido en las redes un nuevo grupo de trabajadores y trabajadoras de la Hostelería. Queremos movilizar al sector para convocar un paro en protesta por la precariedad que vivimos. Te unes?

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