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RT de Protest Stencil :

To facebook, you’re not a ‘friend’, you’re the product on sale.

Still feeling groggy this rainy morning. I don't think its stopped since yesterday afternoon

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To be spaced out can either mean that you're daydreaming, or it can mean that you've been chopped into bits and those bits are far apart.

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What are people using for a sampler plugin in #linuxaudio #musicproduction?

The Klangerzueger plugin looks quite cool, but misses a few features. I've never managed to fall in love with samplev1, are there any other simple plugins out there, preferably with pitch/keyfollowing and looping?

@unfa? Anyone else?

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Hello , remember to vote the Juries (6mo appointment)

Only 15 out of 199 have voted so far. (You have 4 more days to do so but don't leave it for last second)

@fabianhjr @manu @wolftune as far as you guys are aware, is v2.2 (yours Fabián) the most recent version that we can continue with? I am setting up the wiki on and would also like to have individual up-to-date tracked files in the project, too 😊

@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes I made another flowchart, to reflect the process described on the call - however, we didn't really talk about what happens at the end. I feel that if the Community Ops Team decides not to involve the Standing Jury in the decision, it shouldn't then have to make a report to the main group. Instead, it should report to the Jury, who will take it further if necessary?

Download .xml and open at to edit:

@fabianhjr hey, nice work on the CoC! Looks great. Right now I don't have access to a gitlab/ account, but I started to make a wiki using my for now - who knows where's best to put this? But it should make it a little easier to navigate previous versions of the CWG docs should anyone need for now.

cc: @emi @Matt_Noyes @Manuela @mattcropp @wolftune @asimong

Also, does anyone know Stephanie's @ handle?

Social Coop CoC & Reporting Guidelines Development Call in five minutes, here:

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Band / Album / Novel Names Inspired By Unicode Documentation:

* Confusables
* Possibly Questionable Characters
* Maintain Idempotency In All Cases
* Persistent Uses of Skeletons
* Explicit Errata

Things I would like in Tootsuite Show more

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@Matt_Noyes @jakebeamish From the article comments:

"All the co-ops carried margarine at that time. At the Mill City event, the CO spokesman accused co-ops of refusing to carry the product. From behind the line of people singing "Row, row, row your boat" a co-op employee who was barricaded inside the store opened the door and threw out a box of margarine to prove just how wrong the CO was."

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@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp good call, thanks both of you for taking the time. :)

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Electron microscope? smh even biologists don't care about conserving RAM

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"For the glibertarian, markets are necessarily the answer. Markets, by definition, allow people to get what they want. Thus, for any social problem you care to name, you just let markets and individual freedom work their magic and voila! Either the problem gets solved, in which case, we have yet another demonstration of the awesomeness of markets. Or it does not get solved, in which case we now know that we were wrong in thinking of it as a problem in the first place."

@wolftune re: the CoC call, timezones are automatic - I'm in the UK (BST/UTC+1) and the times are 12pm and 5pm. 4am and 9am doesn't sound particularly convenient, please do suggest another time if you like.

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On the current (CoC) development process.

I would love to harvest tangible ideas from people on how they wish the .coop CoC to be. Instead of discussing problems or examples, I would love to hear inspiring dreams from a personal view: saying what CoC we want vs. what we don't want.

I hope knowing those helps develop something authentic, practical and sustainable.

Share your CoC dreams!

@Matt_Noyes @jakebeamish @emi @mattcropp @rbenjamin @clhendricksbc @mayel

@Manuela just downloaded 11t to check out their terms after seeing your comment on the Etherpad doc - wow, it’s so clear, succinct, easy to read. Nice find! I wonder what the writing process was, and if the creator(s) might share it with us. For me reading and agreeing to something written in first-person like this felt like more of a commitment than otherwise, though I’m unsure if it’d be appropriate for our CoC..I’ll try experimenting with a first-person ‘translation’ in the morning.

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Download an Archive of 16,000 Sound Effects from the BBC: A Fascinating History of the 20th Century in Sound

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