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Jake @jakebeamish

Are there enough musicians in the fediverse to do a , with instances participating and voting on a song to represent each instance? I like but the patriotism is a bit meh

@jakebeamish Though I'm defs not the one to do it, I can very much see it happening. Heck, I can see Eugen backing the idea.

@qwyrdo "Though I'm defs not the one to do it," <- you, me, and 99% of any other people who might like the sound of it

@jakebeamish i was supposed to start a band with @lain but jobs are a thing.

@jakebeamish me too, though I always liked how gayness overpowered the patriotism in eurovision!

@jakebeamish I sometimes wonder what these types of competitions would be like without the nationalism. Imagine an Olympics with no national flags.