interesting technique to make your vocal recodings more "present" and also spacious at the same time:

to your vocal recording add an effect (or send) to a delay effect that allows you to delay the signal for 1ms on left and 5ms on right. no feedback.

so you have three copies of the same signal: original in the center, and one 1ms delayed on one and a 5ms on the other side (left/right).

experiment with different 1-10ms values

it's mono-proof.
not sure if it's "correct".



@luka nice - I'm curious how the mono sounds! It seems to me a bit like the Haas effect, remedied with a dry center channel. I haven't tried it on vocals, but I like doing this on hihats, and then pushing up the delay feedback to get a grainy 'reverb' tail. :)

@jakebeamish to me mono seems to not have any side effects. Can't hear any real phasing, since the left and right delayed channels are quite lower in amplitude, so when mixed in to mono, the fake-fake-surround just disappears but possible comb filtering or anything is just not there.

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