@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes I made another flowchart, to reflect the process described on the call - however, we didn't really talk about what happens at the end. I feel that if the Community Ops Team decides not to involve the Standing Jury in the decision, it shouldn't then have to make a report to the main group. Instead, it should report to the Jury, who will take it further if necessary?

Download .xml and open at to edit:

@jakebeamish @mattcropp

Nice -- at the risk of making the flowchart too big, there is an emerging soft resolution flow, which includes the option of escalating to the "hard" process laid out here.

@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes it's looking like I'm going to be quite busy over the weekend and at the start of next week so would be nice to plan some Reporting Process jobs to be done in the meantime –

I started a pad

What do you guys feel is next?

@jakebeamish @mattcropp
Thanks, Jake. I will be out of town from Sat-Thurs and then the following week. So maybe we can aim for end of Aug?

I think the pad content is great. I made one suggestion. For now, maybe we have to wait to see what shape the Reporting Guidelines and Conflict Resolution process end up taking??

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp Ah, fair enough. Yes, it's waiting on the Guidelines and Conflict Resolution process, but the Report form itself, the rotating ops role, and the anonymous reporting are separate.

I thought we were trying to get a proposal done in the CWG by 08/16-08/21. But there's a ten day timeline in the taskforce agenda, but not in the same section as teams/actions. To be honest I was struggling to hear at the end of the call - is there a date set for the next big step/proposal?

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