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Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

That was fun but truthfully my habit will probably not last that long. It took bloody yonks to do and I think just I sound awkward and a bit robotic. Now, why is this a thing?

On my list is a fortnight-old task that's stuck on 'todo'.
Not tonight though - I'm going to try post a lipogram to Mastodon, daily-ish. If you unfollow my account that's alright, lol

any of you folks using emacs, org-mode on a macbook? How have you mapped C & M? I'm probably too indecisive for emacs already

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when it's Time To Work On Music, i generally load up the music i was working on, listen to it, and then if it's bad i'm demotivated and don't want to work on it for a while, but if it's good, i'm satisfied that i don't need to work on it for a while

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Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

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Hey masto, I moved house. The last couple of weeks were a blur. My inbox is full of good stuff, social.coop-related and otherwise. My apologies for being such a ghost!

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苦は楽の種 or in Latin "Per aspera ad astra"... Lots of heat right now and opportunities for us to let it be hot, stick with each other, and find the roots of real solidarity in each other, in this space or across spaces.

"Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others."

Found in this summer’s edition of the Permaculture magazine

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LIBRARIANS OF MASTODON (freakin' killer punk band name, by the way):

Check out Trunk, a list of Mastodon lists on Community Wiki! They've got lists of different people to follow on Mastodon but the GLAM lists are either pretty short or non-existent. Hit up the Wiki and get added to the list(s) of your choice!


#librarylife #libraries #GLAM #mastodon #lists

hey, social.coop community folk 

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This instance only allows senior toot engineers. If you have at least 10+ years of mastodon experience please apply here (banana.dog). We are looking for rockstar ninja rocket scientists and we offer unlimited PTO as well as a fully stocked snack bar (with soylent). We are a lean, agile, remote friendly mastodon startup that pays in the bottom 25% for senior tooters. All new members get equity via an innovative ICO call BananaCoin.

Been catching up on a nice little series of 15 minute docs on Radio 4 called "How to Disagree: A Beginner's Guide to Having Better Arguments". Talks about constructive resolution of disagreements, compromise, etc. feels quite relevant to the social coop community docs stuff


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RT de Protest Stencil :

To facebook, you’re not a ‘friend’, you’re the product on sale.

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