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Sunny day for the #summer #solstice today. Hope you have a nice one whether it’s summer or winter where you are.

Would it be cool if we did a book swap every now and then? I need new things to read soon & ?

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If you're in the UK, you can opt out of sharing your confidential medical data with researchers at this address:


Opting out does NOT affect your own treatment, your doctors will still be able to access your data when they need it.

#NHS #UK #Medical #Healthcare #Privacy #BigData #Research

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caps but not because shouting, instance idea Show more

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Drill rap gang banned from making music without police permission in legal first

"Five members of west London drill group 1011 must obtain authorisation from Scotland Yard before recording or performing tracks and are prohibited from writing lyrics deemed by officers to “encourage violence”.

A wide-ranging criminal behaviour order (CBO) imposed at Kingston Crown Court on Friday also forbids them from referring to their own gang or rivals in their music and requires them to allow police to attend any performances."

#UK #drill #news #police

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My dp was a time a few years ago in Cardiff visiting my sister. Finally got a new one which is from a few days ago in Highbury Park my mate took as part of a bunch of portraits he's doing :)

Hi , apologies for my absence… looks like there's a metric shit ton of stuff to catch up with on Loomio

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If you're a musician and you'd like to collaborate with someone at random, here's your change: we're starting the third edition of the #MusicCollab! No genre restrictions whatsoever, you only need to be open to work with someone who might make very different music than you.

Sign up here: goo.gl/forms/X42bmzMHoDN6WtRr1

#music #mastomusic

A refreshing GDPR discovery

Grateful Dread Public Radio


Boris Johnson got prank called for 18 minutes where some guy said he was the PM of Armenia, and told him Putin said he could influence Corbyn… a Dead Ringers sketch if ever I heard one

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Was it Ello that had a thing for the bread emoji

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There is a lot of leftover bread today