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Fascism, cry for help 

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“HTTP/2 is a protocol by Google for Google.” – Hugo Leisink, author of the security-focussed Hiawatha web server.

Protocols are political. The future of the centralised Web, like its past, is in the hands of surveillance capitalists. The W3C is the standards body of surveillance capitalism.

Tidal's idea of what "Techno" is differs from mine.

I wish Spotify supported FLAC. I <3 Spotify playlist culture.

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Moving forward, my cat and my skeleton will be exclusively performing on Mastodon.

So now we have a record player for the first time in 15 or 20 years. The world has changed! I don't live where I did then!

Where, in Toronto and online, should I be looking for quality product?

I'd also love to know about any subscription services for staying ahead of the limited release cycle I see for labels like Deep Medi and Hyperdub.

What say you internets?

I have a UI question: how do I add back columns that I've removed?

Young bright eyed bearded white hippie dude playing didgeridoo. Brighton has become even more Brighton-like in my absence.

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If you need to override Google Chromes HSTS warning page and continue, just type "badidea" in the window with the warning message.

This is #wtf but I take the workaround after a couple hours trying to convince #kubernetes to serve my ingress without HSTS.

Hey everyone join refind and get some magic beans (disclosure: I get magic beans too)

@mayel hello, I'm new, and I just tried to set up a lumio contribution and got the following error:

"An error occured 😳. The order didn't go through. Please try again in a few.: Error: GraphQL error: The host for the collective has no Stripe account set up (HostCollectiveId: 8674)"

Pls advise! (And hi!)

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